Data Migration

Have a Magento store or on another platform and not sure what to do about your historical data?

We would love to hear from you and can help.

Keeping data safe and secure while moving to Magento be it from another platform or upgrading your instance of Magento, that’s where we can help.

We have performed countless migrations in following scenarios:

  • Multiple Magento Instances into a single Magento Instance
  • Bespoke platform to Magento Instance
  • Third party solutions into Magento Instance
  • SAAS Cloud solutions into Magento Instance

If it has data we will be able to connect to it use it.


As part of the migration service, we will backup your system before, during and after to make sure that no data is lost.

Data Conversion

With the amount of experience working with many systems across multiple platforms, we can transmute the data to be usable by the new system with out any issues.
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Additionally, we can easily move the data from similar system without transmuting the date between them.

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