Out of the box, Open ERP has built in functionality to help you streamline many areas of your business.

  • CRM – Boost sales productivity, improve win rates, grow revenue
  • Point of Sale – Touchscreen interface for shops
  • Project Management – Get things done, together
  • Accounting – All you need to run your business
  • Human Resources – Manage people, the most important asset in your company
  • Warehouse – A revolutionary double entry inventory system
  • Sales – From quotes to invoices, in just a few clicks
  • Manufacturing – Manage Bill of Materials, Plan Manufacturing Orders, Track Work Orders
  • Purchasing – Automate procurements, control products and invoicing
  • And that’s just the begining.

Why should you have us help you with OpenERP deployments? We are soo confident that it is the right solution for most businesses, we even use it extensively in ours. Get in touch today.

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