With a market leading reputation for on-going technical, strategic and marketing support of OpenERP installations, Magebinary our team look after your OpenERP installation as if it was our own.

With day to day and after hours technical support, our fanatical technical support team will keep your store humming along.

Our support services can be accessed through a Support Plan comprising a pre-agreed number of hours each month or on an adhoc, as required basis. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) provide dedicated technical, product and marketing support to ensure the delivery of targeted service levels.

Our support team can be accessed by logging issues via email, phone or live chat.

Typical support requirements include:

  • Installation outages server re-boots
  • Connectivity to systems issues
  • Integration issues
  • Error messages
  • ‘How to’ questions
  • General trouble shooting
  • Admin support

Our support team are also available to advise on OpenERP upgrades, extensions, future projects and site enhancements.In most cases these items are treated as projects and are fully scoped and estimated outside the support agreement.

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