Atlas Gentech Story


Custom Magento eCommerce / B2B


Atlas Gentech is a nationwide technology solutions provider who have a wide array of products and services to offer.  

Due to this, they want to be able to feature all of their products on their website for their trading customers from their already existing Microsoft AX ERP system, with different price points for different customers.   

The site will provide a clear navigation system for Atlas Gentech's complex category structure and products list, making it more convenient and faster for customers and staff to find what they are looking for. 

The site will also have ongoing support to constantly look after the website.

What we did

  • Used a data driven design approach 

  • Scoped the project roadmap based on the business strategy & discovery

  • Navigation conviguration for speed and convenience

  • Developed the website based on project roadmap, brand guidelines & design

  • Magento B2B implementation

  • Ongoing support plan

  • Fast & real time website wide search

  • High performance hosting


  • PHP logotyp
  • JS logo
  • zend
  • Rubi logotyp
  • unit
  • docker
  • git
  • mariadb
  • PopstgreSQL logo
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap logo
  • CSS logo
  • backbone
  • Apache Kafka distributed streaming platform logo
  • nginx server logotype
  • Node server environment
  • Redis in-memory database
  • mongodb database program


Atlas Gentech now saves a lot of time and money with a quicker and smoother website layout. With an easy to use navigation system, information can be distributed easily, giving customers access to information about products easier, meaning more sales.

500 %

Less time spent on application processing

0 %

Increase in online license applications 

0 %

Less error in general business opreations.

0 %

Increased in page views comparing the old site

0 ms

Avg page load time